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Student Survival Guide (also good for those on a tight budget)
rancidwolves wrote in lookforajob_uk
# Learn to shop wisely, getting your shopping from 3-4 shops can take longer but easily save you £10+ a week, like Heron and places for frozen stuff.
Take advantage of budget ranges, such as Tesco's Value range. Beans for 10P and bread for 22P - its cheap as fuck.

# Do your food shopping quite near the closing time of the shop, a lot of things get reduced and you can profit on this!

# Instead of going out on nights out why don't you have a party round yours instead, buy your alcohol from tesco's (or any other super market) and make sure people bring there own ;)

# Get your CV on monster.co.uk straight away, and don't forget to big yourself up.


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