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Good programme on tonight.
rancidwolves wrote in lookforajob_uk
Dispatches: The big job hunt.

Or something like that. It's definately on job hunting.
I love dispatches so I'll definately be watching.

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(Deleted comment)
bugger. i'll tape it to dvd then send you it :]

Wonder if they'll mention David Freud, the architect of Labour's benefits shakeup, nailing his true Tory colours to the mast this weekend?

After all this time, all the blind returning to the Victorian days of the workhouse and "Let He Who Shall Not Work, Neither Shall He Eat" turned out to be a Tory plan all along.

As if I could not have seen it coming a hundred miles off. The whole benefits shakeup thing smelled Thatcherite from the start.

Just watched Despatches

Anyone care to comment on issues raised in the show?

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