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Job search sites
recycled_sales wrote in lookforajob_uk
I'm sure a lot of people will know these, but there's always one you may have missed:

Jobs Today

Whilst it's not always the best place to look, Gumtree does have a job section and is much more local. It's also got a Services Offered section, so you can post a free ad if you're wanting to get freelance work.

Specifically looking for Creative/ Design jobs?

Creative Pool
Source Personnel
Design Week
The Drum
Creative Match

IT Jobs:

Job Serve - has now expanded into sales, HR, accountancy, HR etc etc
Job Site
Planet Recruit
The IT Job Board
IT Job Post

CW Jobs
Computing Careers
Computer Weekly

Please post any additional links in the comments and I'll add them to the list (provide a context for any recruiters in a specific field)

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Good idea, i'll add this to memories

Thanks, I've added them :)

NHS jobs Medical professions of course but also has admin jobs as well.

City Council jobs

another great web jobs site - phpaspjobs.co.uk

Another great site for all web jobs is http://www.phpaspjobs.co.uk . Definitely worth taking a look at. and here is their blog: http://www.phpaspjobs.co.uk/blog

I hope this helps.


I'd like to recommend you one more job site which is called www.Josty.org. It is an excellent site which contains a lot of vacancies in the USA.

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